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On January 1, 2008, O-Tex Pumping opened its doors for business.  The philosophy and focus for the newly started company was to bring quality “customer service” back to the customer experience.  Led by employees who had left some major service companies, O-Tex started their operations in the Permian Basin and rapidly grew to include numerous other basins.  O-Tex quickly became the largest independent cementing service company in the lower 48 by investing heavily in advanced technologies, dual-fuel fleets and customized cement programs for primary and secondary applications.  


Within a few short years, O-Tex had set up operations to cover the Mid-Continent, the Haynesville, the Eagle Ford and the Marcellus-Utica Shales.  More recently, their operations have expanded to include the Mississippi Lime, Fayetteville, Granite Walsh and the Cana-Woodford Shales where they continue to grow and strive to remain virtually debt-free.

Looking Ahead

In keeping with the original philosophy to bring the best service and products to meet the needs and expectations of existing customers, O-Tex aspires to continue expanding and developing customer needs in additional markets.     

Mission Statement 

We are committed to becoming recognized as the leader in the independent cementing and pumping markets by providing exceptional customer service while devoting our resources to improved safety standards and technological advancements. In doing so, we pledge to make safety, for our employees and those we interact with, our top priority.  We also include in this pledge to honor our environmental responsibilities and continue to develop advanced technologies for providing custom cementing and pump down services to our customers.